Invisible Twin

At the moment it’s simply a theory: the existence of dark matter and an invisible mirror universe.

The idea that particles could oscillate between parallel worlds and time is a luminous and provocative one.

Is it possible that each of us could have an Invisible Twin, moving and breathing as we do, but in another world altogether?
This is where the namesake originates.

It’s also where Invisible Twin hangs in the balance.

Invisible Twin is Mario and Rose Suau.

Together, they compose, arrange, and produce songs that are restless, haunting, heartbreaking and alive.

Rose writes stories about love, loss, trust, deceit. Sometimes death.

Mario finishes her thoughts with tenuous guitar, grounded bass, his boyish tenor.

They translate tales from the mirror world and spin them into this place in time.

Listen closely. Watch closer.

Which side of the mirror are you on?

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