Invisible Twin’s Debut Single “Trouble” Released October 25, 2013

Our new single, “Trouble”, premiered today, October 25, 2013 on Under The Radar. It’s currently streaming on Soundcloud. Available to purchase at our new Bandcamp.

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Acid House Kings announce new remix album featuring 2 Invisible Twin remixes

On November 4, Sweden’s unstoppable Acid House Kings will release “DANCE!” via Luxury Records. “Dance!” is a collection of most of their remixes from the past 3 years. It features the Invisible Twin remixes of “Would You Say Stop?” and “This Heart Is A Stone”. Order through Luxury Records’ bandcamp.

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Invisible Twin remixes “A Million Times” by Alpaca Sports

Andreas Jonsson of Alpaca Sports was recently featured in Interview Magazine. Our remix of their song “A Million Times” debuted as part of the interview. You can also listen to the remix at Soundcloud.

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